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Artistic Breakthrough: Adult Coloring Books Propel Bonny Snowdon’s Soaring Success

The positive impact of art and creativity on our lives cannot be overstated. They offer a much-needed outlet for self-expression and inspiration. Recently, I stumbled upon an inspiring article on that showcased the healing power of art, specifically adult coloring books. In this blog post, I’d like to share the incredible story of Bonny Snowdon, who managed to turn her passion for coloring books into a successful business while overcoming personal challenges.

Finding Comfort in Coloring Books: During the height of the adult coloring book trend in 2016, Bonny Snowdon, a mother of three from North Yorkshire, found solace in coloring books—a thoughtful gift she received from her daughter. She used coloring as a form of escapism from her abusive marriage, discovering that creativity possesses the ability to take her on a journey to an entirely different realm, providing relief and comfort during challenging times.

Embracing Nature through Coloring Animals: One of the most striking aspects of Bonny Snowdon’s journey is her focus on coloring and drawing animals. This connection to nature through her art has likely contributed to the therapeutic benefits she experienced. By immersing herself in the intricate details of various creatures, Bonny found a way to tap into the healing power of nature, further enhancing the calming and transformative effects of her creative pursuits. For many, engaging with the natural world, even through art, can provide a profound sense of comfort and tranquility.

image: Snowdon

The Birth of a New Art Career: Despite not having any professional drawing experience, Bonny’s passion for coloring books led her to become a professional animal portrait artist in her mid-40s. She started The Bonny Snowdon Academy, where she now teaches 2,500 members from the UK and around the world how to create lifelike drawings of animals. In addition to the academy, Bonny also runs Bonny Snowdon Fine Art, where she specializes in hyper-realistic pet portraits.
A Flourishing Art Business: With determination and a small team of three, Bonny’s businesses are projected to reach a combined turnover of £1 million in 2023, up from £450,000 last year. Her life has transformed drastically from her previous struggles, and her creativity has given her a renewed sense of purpose. It’s inspiring to see how many of her academy members have also found new career paths through art, whether as professional artists, working in art galleries, or starting their own art-related businesses.

Supporting a Cause Close to Her Heart: Bonny’s personal experiences have led her to support IDAS, the North of England’s largest domestic abuse and sexual violence charity. This year, she plans to award five free scholarships to her academy for women receiving help from IDAS and host a solo exhibition to raise funds for the charity. Her story serves as a powerful example of the life-changing potential of art and creativity, offering hope and healing to those in difficult situations.

image: Snowdon

I am deeply moved by Bonny Snowdon’s journey, from using coloring books as an escape to building a thriving art business. Her story is a powerful reminder of the incredible impact creativity can have on our lives, helping us overcome adversity and discover new possibilities. I encourage you all to explore the world of adult coloring books and other creative pursuits to experience the healing power of creativity for yourself.
If you’d like to learn more about Bonny Snowdon’s inspiring story, you can read the full article on . And if you have experienced the therapeutic benefits of coloring books or other creative activities, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.



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